Local Mobile Design

At LocalMobileDesign.com customers always come first! We have been online since 2002. Back in the year 2002, Our first online website was built using HTML and Javascript hand coding everything from the ground up. It requires tedious and time consuming work that needs to be done with surgical precision.

After that, we used AJAX, Perl, PHP, XHTML and different assorted database applications were all applied to our web design projects. Depending on your requirements, we can build your website with different applications at a very affordable price.

In the past, we have built a large array of websites, anything from a personal blog site or personal page, to business and ecommerce websites.

Since 2010, we have been developing the multi platform concept in order to help business owners who have the desire to incorporate a new level of marketing. They can take their business to a new level through our new services for local listing, mobile marketing and social media.

We strive to deliver what you are looking for and want to help you with your local/internet business! Contact us today.

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